Money Back Guarantee

Important Information

How do I qualify to claim a refund?

When you receive initial design concepts for your design package and you do not find them according to your brief, you may choose to claim a refund. See below how these actions affect your eligibility to claim a refund:


Money Back Status

None of the initial samples conform to the customer brief.

Customer can ask for a refund

Customer asks for revisions by providing feedback

Money Back Guarantee does not remain applicable. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee becomes applicable.

Take no action for 60 days

Money back guarantee offer becomes void, however Assured Design Ltd will review and uphold the offer on its own discretion

How long does it to take to claim a refund?

It can take up to 21 business days to refund your amount. Our refund policy is detailed in Terms & Conditions of business.

Does the money back guarantee apply to all packages?

Money Back Guarantee applies to all design packages. Once you approve a design and ask for further revisions then the Money Back Guarantee becomes void. However, you still qualify for 100% satisfaction guarantee which means that we will keep on working on your design until you are satisfied. Money Back Guarantee does not apply on company formation, trademark registration, domain registration, copyright and other services that require a fee to be submitted to the respective authorities.

Why do Assured Design provide Money Back Guarantee?

We are so confident of our skills and design quality that we provide Money Back Gurantee in case we fail to deliver. Money Back Guarantee is provided in good faith and we expect our customers to exhibit the same. In majority of the cases customer are very honest, co-operative and provide quality feedback in order to get the designs they want. However, there is a minority that tries to take unfair advantage of this flexibility. They will place orders with many providers at the same time, get the design concepts from all and then ask for the money back. This practice is unfair, unethical and abusive of human skills. Apologies, but if you are one of those we would rather not have your business.

Design work is very subjective. Unless customer provides quality feedback, it is unlikely to get the designs right in the first attempt. Assured Design is a custom design company that strongly believes in customer feedback and their involvement in the design process. In our experience, initial samples are rarely chosen as the final logo; instead they are used as a base to interact with the customer. From the feedback provided on these samples we See Details about the likes and dislikes of the customer and then provide revisions that are closer to the requirements. Money Back Guarantee cover the customers if we fail to deliver what they wanted.

Money Back Guarantee does not apply on:
  • Content Writing
  • Seo Services
  • Marketing Support Services
  • Telephone Services

  • Money Back Guarantee does not apply to design agencies, design studios and for those who are working on their client's projects.

    Note: Please note that customers claiming a refund will not be allowed to use the initial design concepts sent to them. Copy Rights of all designs remain the property of Assured Design until fully paid.